Energie Jeans

Energie Jean Denim-Inspired Italian Sportswear

Denim-inspired Italian sportswear line Energie Jeans was created in 1983 by Wicky Hassan, an aspiring artist who uses denim as a blank canvas to express his ideas and ideals. Since then Energie has gained a reputation worldwide for its fashion-forward and experimental clothing. The Energie Jeans Boys collection offers the same cool, cutting-edge styles of the young men’s collection.

Get a Feel for the Artistic Element of Energie Jeans Boys

Some of my favorite things about Energie Jeans is the way the Wicky Hassan mixes fashion with art. For example, in 1998 international artists were commissioned to create pieces of art inspired by the Energie brand and the denim world. Energie then hosted in Palazzo Corsini in Florence a special exhibit to display these creations. For each commercial Energie commissions up and coming musicians to participate. Here’s another cool project, in 2009 to celebrate 20 years of Energie, the company invited fans to “Leave Your Mark” on Energie store windows.

Denim, experimentation, creativity, and research are the keywords to understand this urban casual mainstreamer brand, always connected with the youth world and with all the novelties concerning it. A brand where urban details and artistic inspirations are transformed into style. An energetic, masculine and unconventional design to express a young man’s personality beyond defined schemes and mere seasonal trends.

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