ErgoPouch Baby Sleeping Bags is an award-winning, organic, eco-friendly range of sleepwear that offers babies and toddlers a good and safe nights sleep. Pesticide and chemical-free, ErgoPouch sleeping bags are available in natural fibers (bamboo and organic cotton) and maintains your little one’s body temperature, making them warm but not overheated.

The ErgoPouch concept was created by Alina Sack who lost many hours of sleep with her firstborn until she came up with this clever baby sleeping bag.

ergopouch baby sleepwear

My firstborn Xavier, didn’t sleep much even after we went to sleep school, nothing seemed to work. My husband and I were at our wit’s end. My background involves 15 years of design and textile manufacturing. I decided to develop the most comfortable, safe and healthy sleeping environment for him that would reduce his awake time. I started with the first ergoPouch sleeping bag. It worked. He could move around the cot and not get tangled, he happily went back to sleep by himself. We are proud to say we have helped many families enjoy better wellbeing having used our products.- Alina Sack

See What’s Special about ErgoPoch Baby Sleeping Bags

The ErgoPouch range includes sleeping bags, bamboo fiber pajamas for toddlers, comforters, arm warmers and the ErgoCocoon for swaddling babies. All items are made of 100% organic cotton & bamboo fiber, have superior softness, breathability, and keep children’s temperature consistent in winter and summer.

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