Finger in The Nose

Finger in The Nose French Kids Clothes

How many times have you told your little one, “It’s not polite to put your Finger in your Nose!” French kids fashion designers have turned this quote into a high-end adorable children’s brand – Finger in The Nose kids clothes.

France’s Finger in The Nose kids clothes offers simple yet clever products capable of following children everywhere and for a long time to come. Finger in The Nose clothes is designed so that children like wearing them, and their mothers appreciate the way they look!

finger in the nose girls clothes

Finger in The Nose Kids collections specializes in jeans built to combine comfort, style, and quality in a wide variety of washes from raw, stone, beach, snow and leather look. My favorite part of the collection is the high-quality graphic tees with wild animals, motorbikes, and mythological creatures.

finger in the nose kids clothes france

For winter be sure to check out their down jackets that are water repellent and made of 100% genuine French duck feathers giving them the ultimate protection, comfort, and warmth. The wool and knitwear collection is oh so soft with 100% soft wool fabrics including geelong merino and angora. Check out the signature thumb whole in their sweaters, a little trick sweater that kids will love to wear.

finger in the nose boys clothes

“A lot of authenticity, a touch of Rock n’ Roll attitude, combined with a dose of functionality, Finger in The Nose jeans and sportswear collection successfully united the look of an adult garment with a need for child comfort. We’ve made the garment so that children like wearing them, and their mother appreciate the way they look!”