Fox Kids

Fox kids clothes has become a synonym of kids fashion in Israel, symbolizing youth with alternative values of rebelliousness, self-confidence, power, freedom, spontaneity, “coolness” and fun. FOX, offers a basic – casual fashion for the entire family: men, women, children, and babies.

At FOX, we have long understood that there is no substitute for comfort, simplicity, and originality. At the end, we all love to wear comfortable clothes and feel good about ourselves without trying too hard. At FOX, we believe that BASIC IS BEAUTIFUL.

FOX continues to maintain its status as Israel’s largest chain of clothing stores and most successful Israeli fashion chain in the global market with approximately 243 stores in 13 countries worldwide.

fox kids clothes israel

The international FOX stores are flagship stores, meaning the visual design, fashion collections, and operations of these stores are all identical to those of Israeli stores, and include all the FOX brands: women’s, men’s, children’s, and babies clothing.

FOX’s first international flagship store was opened in Singapore in 2004. Since then FOX has stores in Panama, Germany, Moldova, India, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Mongolia, Cyprus, Romania, Georgia, Serbia, Greece, Belgium, Spain, and Russia.

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