Hebe Kids

Hebe Kids was created in 2011 and is based in Riga, Latvia. Designed for kids from baby to 12 years, Hebe clothing is designed to be worn for casual wear – perfect for school and at home and exploring the world.

Hebe clothes are made of high quality, soft and easily washable fabrics, which are produced in Europe. Being both comfortable and beautifully crafted, all Hebe garments are designed with simplicity and love for details with a focus on quality and unique design.

The brand ethos is about cooperation, and Hebe invites Latvian designers and artists to bring a spirit to every garment by special patterns and prints.

hebe childrens clothing

Cats are believed to stress a personality more than any other animals, and Hebe Kids cat has arrived to help children become unique and special personalities since their first appearance in this world. Childhood is a time when children may feel nothing but love, peace, and happiness.

Hebe points childhood out by supporting babies and children with unique designs, qualitative and soft materials and well-thought-out models, as well as specially treated fabrics for the convenience of babies and children.

Hebe designs inspirational and thoughtful models each season. Hebe always tends to create clothing easy for parents but unique and comfortable for children. Hebe clothes are produced only in Europe. Hebe is here to help parents with little details in nurturing babies. Hebe looks after each detail of children’s comfort and unique look.

Hebe is here to help you parents with little details in nurturing your babies. Simply take care of your children, play with them and love them, Hebe will look after each detail of your children’s comfort and unique look. We will do our very best to become better and all of that for your and our babies because we simply love them. – Hebe People

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