I Pinco Pallino

Luxury Italian Children’s Clothing

Since the company was established in 1980, I Pinco Pallino kids clothes has been regarded as one of the most directional brands for children’s clothing, offering designs that allow children’s imaginations to take flight. Designers and founders, Imelde and Stefano Cavalleri design clothes that create impact and dare to be different, while always respecting the individuality of each child.

Since 1980, I Pinco Pallino has been writing fashion tales for children featuring magic and dramatic atmospheres, embodying a unique heritage in which a celebration of costume history and figurative arts meets iconic details in order an irreplaceable aesthetic to be built.

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I Pinco Pallino on The Catwalk @ Children in Crisis Event

I Pinco Pallino participates in a fashion show organized by the National Chamber of Italian Kids Fashion and Vogue Bambini in support of Children in Crisis Italy Onlus, an association that strives to improve the living conditions of children.

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Why The Name I Pinco Pallino?

Stefano Cavalleri explains that he and Imelde were driving to Florence to present a collection without a name.

I said to Imelde How should we call this collection?. She answered If it’s a good and beautiful product, it could be named even “Pinco Pallino”, it doesn’t matter. I hit the brakes and said There you are!!! I Pinco Pallino!!!

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In Italian Pinco Pallino is a fantasy name, it referring to an unspecified person or object and represents, in this particular case, children as a whole.

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