I Talk Too Much

I Talk Too Much by Melissa Widmer

I TALK TOO MUCH kids was created by Melissa Widmer, friendly young modern woman, “mother in low” of two beautiful rascal boys, new mom of a… the third boy…and… great talker!

I TALK TOO MUCH is dedicated to all the little devils in the bud, a little naughty, and whom you sometimes feel saying “You talk too much!”.

I TALK TOO MUCH uses the codes of adult fashion adapting to kids.

You’re going to love I TALK TOO MUCH, or ITTM for short, a fun-loving and young French brand that is strong in character.

With an image of the children it dresses I Talk Too Much is a brand chic and comfortable clothing that kids love … and moms love it!

I TALK TOO MUCH manufactures high-quality kids clothes with special detailing. It’s clean cuts and ultra-soft jersey combines comfort and elegance for a casual chic look in all circumstances.

Kids will love the simple cuts, sophisticated details, and materials used including flame jersey, 100% super soft cotton fleece, and ultra comfortable cotton – spandex, all 100% made in Portugal.

i talk too much childrens clothing france

The perfect combination of comfort and quality – always with a little something extra that makes all the difference …