Il Gufo Kids Fall Winter 2014 -15

Italian Children’s Clothing by Giovanna Miletti SHOP

Il Gufo kids launched their Fall Winter 2014 / 15 collections this Friday on the runway at Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Italy’s Kids Fashion Week. What characterizes Il Gufo is its overall sophisticated look, with a well-balanced harmony between traditional elegance and modern style.

il gufo kids fall winter 2014-15 Fashin Show

For the FW/14 collection, you’ll find unique three-dimensionality and texture to the fabric, including velvets with burnout (dévoré) processed fabric, a Baroque pattern of flowers and branches, passing through flocked neoprene, and stretch hoodie made unique by original print created by the Il Gufo internal style office.

il gufo fall winter 2014-15 boys grey knits

About Il Gufo Fall Collection

One of my favorite parts of the Il Gufo FW14/15 collection are the knitted garments featuring jacquard sweaters developed creating nuances and unprecedented proportions. On boys’ sweaters, you’ll find the stylistic and innovative detail of taping that aims to soften the fit, maintaining the length unaltered. On the girls’ sweaters, you’ll find chain stitch stylized flowers blossom, made entirely by hand – a precious element found throughout the tradition of the Italian knitwear.

il gufo fw 2014-15 girls pink dress

I love this gorgeous pink outfit for girls which is just one of many items in the FW14/15 collection. You’ll find shade from light pink to the antique rose, passing through geranium and raspberry. Or as Il Gufo explains, “An English garden where roses bloom even in winter, in dusty but decisive shades, to create original games of juxtapositions.”

il gufo fw14-15-girls-navy-dress

For babies, you’ll find an adorable collection in cream and silver, with glitter emerging from fabrics woven with jacquard patterns. This mix of cream and silver creates a perfect winter-wonderland look for ceremonies and special moments.

il gufo fall winter 2014-15 girls white grey dress

These are just a few of the adorable Il Gufo looks for girls and boy next Fall/Winter season.