Isossy Children

Isossy Children, founded by Amanda Rabor in 2010, continues to offer children style and design reflecting truly global culture. “In times of change and diverse living, fashion can reflect diverse cultures for up and coming generations to own, to claim and to wear in everyday life. It’s for the new global citizens of the world” says Amanda. Isossy Children’s Clothes from England is a creation of contemporary modern designs using limited edition fabrics and the bright kaleidoscope of vibrant colors influenced by Africa and Asia.
Isossy childrens clothes spring summer 2013
Isossy Children’s Clothes uses African and Asian textile influences to create a designer contemporary collection for girls and boys. It is also about offering exclusive limited edition prints in certain styles.

isossy baby clothes uk

Isossy’s dresses really capture the essence of stylishness in wonderful wool jerseys with ruche detailing. Wonderful jeweled tones of deep red, purple and deep turquoise combine with Isossy’s distinctive bright African inspired prints makes this range perfect for every possible occasion. The new collection for boys sees stylish single-breasted jackets with contrasting piping details, trousers and shirts for the Autumn days ahead.

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Isossy Children have created a fluid, fun and unique collection with design features that flow through from their new Isossy Baby collection to the Isossy Tween collection.

You’ll find cool design features like mock epaulets and mock welt stitching in contrasting colors. Each piece in the collection includes a theme of altered hems, gathered waistlines and strong pops of color on top of subtle honeyed tones.

Issossy Children collections retain our signature African print variations throughout the range adding twists and turns for the discerning consumer.

For ages 2-8 years the Suki Collection is showing an expression of fluid design themes throughout the pieces. It is a softer color palette of peaches and cream and dove grey with pops of orange.

For ages 8-14 years the Mulan Collection retains the design details featured in the “Suki” collection but the color choice which we have termed ‘grove’ (grey with mauve inflections) and strong pops of color, reflects a more mature ‘City girl’ style.
isossy girls dresses
For Tweens, you’ll find the ‘Denim Collection’ featuring the ‘Cyndi dress’ African Print to encapsulate the essence of the collection.

The Isossy Boy stand out and is noticed – wherever he is, whatever his style.

We are fast becoming known for our classic suits from the Biko collection and the more ‘in your face’ quirky print suits from the Omo collection. The fabulous thing about our collections for boys is that the pieces can really be worn with anything, dressed up or dressed down, the choice is yours. We’ve recently expanded the range to include baby boys too and the sizes range from 0-14 years.

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