KidCuteTure kids clothes, launched in 2009 and highlighted as one of the most exciting newcomers to the children’s market, is a mother-and-daughter team designing elegant children’s wear for everyday adventures. KidCuteTure’s chic styles are inspired by European commitment to quality, Japanese curiosity with form and an American sense of humor. KidCuteTure creates girl’s fashions that are highly imaginative and versatile, but also comfortable and functional – they are perfectly suited for active lifestyles. Their inventive dress and tunic silhouettes combine timeless sophistication with a modern flare.

KidCuteTure is a mother-and-daughter business started by Natasha and Olga Pantelyat. Mom Natasha brings experience of over 25 years as a fashion and graphic designer in the US and in Europe. Daughter Olga’s decade experience as an investment banker and a consultant was just training camps for her journey into the KidCuteTure family business.

The Fall of 2007 brought the most joyful occasion into our lives, the birth of our first child and beloved grandchild, little Olivia. As we began to spoil and beautify our little girl, we became aware of a gap in the market for casually sophisticated children’s clothing with distinctive designs. We wanted stylish clothes with an “it” factor. We wanted to dress our little girl in elegance and refinement, yet also with a sense of humor and contemporary flair. So we set out to make such styles ourselves and formed KidCuteTure. – Natasha and Olga Pantelyat.

kidcuture childrens clothes

Motivated by the comfort of a t-shirt and sourcing the finest natural fabrics, each collection is designed to be no fuss, easy to wear – there are no zippers, metal closures or buttons – you simply pull it over your head and you’re ready to go! KidCuteTure is committed to making clothes that define child-friendly – gorgeous and comfortable.

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