Kiitos MoiMoi

Kiitos moimoi, meaning “Thank you see you” in Finnish was launched in 2012. Kiitos MoiMoi girl’s clothes use creative color and design and has a unique view of the world are created and strange, full of funny designer brand personality.

I love this adorable brand from Japan that features lots of gingham prints in a variety of colors from orange to green and more.

Plus you’ll find lots of fun, original prints on t-shirts that make Kiitos moimoi and adorable choice to complete a kids wardrobe.

I love the red teddy bear applique Kiitos moimoi created as a symbol for their brand that you’ll find on a number of t-shirts in the collection.
Match with a gingham green pair of short with lacing around the leg or a gorgeous old-world style lace skirt.

How about a medusa print in black on a pretty pink t-shirt? Match with fun polkadot girls skirt in off-white or navy to complete the look.

Kiitos moimoi brings lots of fun and personality to a little girls wardrobe, including lots of fun and original characters that are part of what makes Japanese kids fashion so unique and desirable.

From gingham fabrics to old-school lace fabrics and polka-dot accents Kiitos moimoi has lots of fun styles that little girls are going to love!

Kiitos moi moi girls clothing

I’m not sure why this adorable Japanese brand chose a Finnish language name….but it certainly gives the Kiitos moimoi a bit of character and mystery.

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