Kitipongo kids clothes was founded in 2009 to create a different style for children up to 0 to 8 years. When we began to work at our studio in Madrid, we were aiming to create our own style, a philosophy, a way of growing up without looking small.

And so was born Kitipongo in Madrid, Spain! Our designs are smart, comfortable and funny, giving the clothes an urban, fresh and sophisticated style and, at also, maintaining a traditional touch with the use of natural fabric.

Day by day, Kitipongo creates its own exclusive trend clothes using traditional fabrics combined with modern design.

All our clothes are Spanish-made, paying special attention to the tailoring, to ensure the maximum quality in the final product, using natural Spanish fabrics such as cotton and linen for summer, or 100% wool for winter. Long lasting, strong fabrics for a daily uses.

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Kitipongo makes every day a trend in the use of traditional materials combined with modern designs.

You’re going to love the gorgeous Spanish designs for baby, girls and boys that Kitipongo creates season after season.

kitipongo kids clothes spain