Koolabah kids clothes creates high-quality fashion for kids from 0-6 years with a unique and trendy unisex design which is extraordinarily comfortable and resistant to the everyday challenges.

Koolabah kids fashion from Sweden was founded in the winter of 2007/2008 by fashion designer Nina Wolf and her husband Pedro Moreira. Following the birth of their first sone, the couple recognized the need for a brand that could offer a truly inspiring alternative to contemporary clothing lines. An avant-garde line for avant-garde minds.

Nina and Pedro were inspired by Japanese simplicity and typical Scandinavian functionality, proposing clean lines, neat shapes and quirky details that make each piece a small work of art. In the Fall of 2008, Koolabah launched its first collection “Asian Baby”.

koolabah childrens clothing sweden

About Koolaba’s Designer Nina Wolf

Nina was born in 1979 in Germany and was raised in Sweden where she lived until 2002. Nina graduated in 2007 from the University of Lisbon (Universidade Lusofona) in Communications and Public Relations and went on to take a fashion course at Saint Martins School of Design in London and at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan. While completing her degree Nina worked as a design assistant for the Portuguese fashion designer Isilda Pelicano, where she worked until January 2008.

Our dream is to dress small trendsetters in edgy clothing with an attitude which not labels or categorizes them but gives them a chance to proclaim their individuality. Koolabah is a Swedish design concept that creates fashion in unisex for small trendsetters from 3 months to six years. We want the clothes to be nice to look at with its minimalistic design and unique shapes, but at the same time, we strongly focus on functionality and ergonomics. Edgy, timeless, in your face fashion that exudes individuality and attitude. Inspiration is drawn from the Scandinavian and the Japanese culture and elements from the 80´s are a recurring theme in the all our collections. All the garments are made from 100% organic materials.

You’re going to love Koolaba’s unique design style inspired by a global mix of Japanese simplicity and typical Scandinavian functionality, all designed by Nina who was born in Germany.