Koolabah Spring Summer 2014

Introducing Koolabah Spring Summer 2014 Resort Collection. A Swedish design concept for kids, Koolabah creates unisex fashion for little trendsetters from 3 months to 67 years.

We want the clothes to be nice to look at with its minimalistic design and unique shapes, but at the same time, we strongly focus on functionality and ergonomics. Edgy, timeless in your face fashion that excludes individuality and attitude. – Koolabah designer, Nina Wolf.

Koolabah’s design is inspired by the Scandinavian and Japanese culture. Elements from the 80s are a recurring theme in all collections. All garments are made from 100% organic materials.

koolabah resort collection spring summer 2014

Koolabah Spring Summer 2014 Resort Collection

The Spring Summer 2014 collection, Resort, is inspired by holidays, camping trips, and surf safaris to beautiful beaches. Think of relaxing on the beach with colorful umbrella drinks!

The Resort collection offers playful experimental shapes and interesting, and quite often unexpected pattern combinations.

Koolabah’s fresh palette of colors will electrify and uplift this Summer season.

You’ll find lemon yellow, vivid tangerine, aqua green and more. The color concept is to be playful and combine bright colors in new ways or to make a solid color statement in one vibrant head-to-hue.

koolabah childrens clothing sweden