LamanBlu Clothing

Laman Blu (Blue Sea) Designed by Holli Gibson Interview

Designed by Holli Gibson, LamanBlu is classically beautiful designer clothing with a modern edge. It is styled for the parent and child who want something uniquely beautiful, fashionable and comfortable. The LamanBlu customer embraces the American lifestyle of easy-to-care, easy-to-wear clothing while having the European sensibility for the finer things in life and attention to detail. Keeping with Gibson’s philosophy, only the highest quality of fabrics is chosen, with attention to the Eco-impact those choices have. Her collection gives customers the ability to pick and choose the pieces that will enhance their own unique look.

Laman Blu Fashion Show

“Laman Blu….it means “blue sea” in Papiamentu and a constant source of inspiration for me. I’ve been a fashion designer for years working out of New York and Dallas, but watching my children explore the world’s wonders with fresh eyes led me to create a brand to celebrate childhood, named LamanBlu. LamanBlu is meant to be played in, danced in, lived in. We use eco-friendly fabrics including bamboo, pure linen, and organic detailing. Everything is made in the USA. LamanBlu is for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Children can be dressed beautifully and comfortably all at the same time – and the clothing can be beautifully made and easy to care for. Join with me and with LamanBlu to Celebrate Childhood,” explains Holli Gibson.

lamanblu children's spring summer 2014 collection
LamanBlu’s designer Holli Gibson was recently awarded The Rising Star Award for design by The Fashion Group International. Gibson established her career as a designer in the 90’s, designing sportswear and dresses for many high profile private clients as well as major high-end retailers, including Nordstrom’s and Victoria’s Secret. After taking time off with family and friends, and relocating to the Rocky Mountains, Gibson has re-entered the fashion world, this time with her focus on children.

lamanblu kids clothes by Holli Gibson