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LARANJINHA is a brand of clothing for babies and children from 0 up to 8 years old located in Portugal. It offers a wide variety of products, always with the highest standard of quality. The brand was founded in 1981, and the following years have allowed the Company to accumulate experience and knowledge for the needs of children and their clothes. LARANJINHA knows how to make children grow up happy! The brand is 100% made in Portugal and produces half a million pieces per year. The group turnover exceeds 6 million euros and the expansion into new markets is something the Company continues to strive for today.

For babies, LARANJINHA uses pastel colors, and particular care is taken with regard to the stitching and application of buttons to ensure there is no chaffing on the baby’s skin. The boys and girls collection from 3 months to 8 years allow the children to meet the needs of daily life while giving them an individual style and comfort. This chic collection presents a classic and timeless style, paying particular attention to the quality of the fabrics used.

The LARANJINHA clothing brand for babies and children is a part of the Portuguese industrial textile company Hall & Ca, Lda, located in Oporto and created in 1981.

LARANJINHA kids clothes portugal

We are proud of dressing today the second generation of little ones from 0 up to 8 years old, to whom we intend to offer a wide range of products – underwear, exteriors and accessories – conceived according to the highest quality standards. We present a classical yet innovative collection for a medium-high market segment. Laranjinha uses soft raw materials especially for babies – mainly cotton – and a unique design to make children feel comfortable and happy. Our baby and children clothes are 100% made in Portugal and we are proud to export to more than 20 countries.