L’asticot means organic and beautiful clothes, made in Portugal and styled halfway between French classicism and Scandinavian extravagance.

It also means the comfort of unisex cuts and the softness of natural raw materials like organic cotton, which has been worked for the first time this season into a finely flecked fabric that covers the skin like a veil or knitted for an irresistible retro-chic look. It means even more novelties, with a new retro bike imprint, velours in faintly acid colors, funny little salmon, a timeless Gavroche-style cap, and smart gift-boxes.

Lʼasticot kids clothing from Portugal cultivates the art of clothing babies and kids while rewriting the rules of ethical fashion. Itʼs all about comfort, quality, and sustainability, but the designs are strong, the fabrics are exclusive and original, and the cuts are creative and slim fitting. Lying halfway between French classicism and Nordic extravaganza, the Swiss brand distinguishes itself for its use of only organic raw materials, and especially organic wool, a rare and valuable fiber, that lies at the very heart of its winter collections.

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l'asticot baby clothes
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Lʼasticot clothes and accessories are organic and yet beautiful, practical and yet comfortable and trendy while remaining timeless. Made in Portugal, they are perfect for both girls and boys. L’asticot clothes grow with kids as they are full of tricks to make them last longer. And because garments last longer that protects the earth – essential for our little kids.

Lʼasticot places the child in the center of its preoccupations. Conceived for them – our children are our principal advisers – lʼasticotʼs clothes and accessories have been designed not only respecting their health, but also the environment in which they grow up. Lʼasticotʼs ethical involvement wants to reflect a genuine life philosophy, which influences all aspects of the activity of the brand, from production to selling.

The L’asticot Swiss brand fine-tunes its image by offering an expanded range of rich knitwear creations based on Japanese-style.

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