Lemon Loves Lime

Lemon Loves Lime Girls Clothes by Joy Cha

Lemon Loves Lime Girls Clothing is designed by Joy Cha who started her career with a background in Fashion studying at New York’s FIT and also Parson’s Paris. While in Paris Joy also worked doing illustrations for Jean Paul Gaultier and specialty hats for fashion shows.

Once she graduated from Parison’ Paris she came back to New York and started a women’s collection and worked in the women’s industry for over 10 years.

After Joy had her “miracle” child she found her new passion – designing kids clothes for her daughter. Soon Joy started selling her designs with trunk shows and soon started turning her collection into a wholesale business that started 7 years ago.

For the first year Lemon Loves Lime started from Joy’s house, but soon her living room became a warehouse, office was in her dining room, and the shipping department was in her kitchen.

With Lemon Loves Lime’s growing popularity, Joy and her husband Bill decided to take the brand to the next level and created a company with offices located in Chicago.

Joy still draws every illustration by hand which inspires her creativity and uses her own Pantone color palate, not one that is defined by a fashion trend.

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The Lemon Loves Lime collection is about saving the world, an inspiration of sea creatures, mermaids, and fairytales. For example, the design ethos behind sea creature characters is to show our children how important our Oceans are.

Lemon Loves Lime girls clothing collection is wonderfully unique and resembles cherished memories of our daughters’ childhood that we hold dear in our hearts; their exuberant smiles and laughs of happiness, their tears of sadness and fright, their innocent curiosity and wonder of the world before them, as well as their playful mischief. I hope you and your daughter will enjoy these wearable memories. One day she will outgrow them, but they will remain a precious remembrance of a time that has passed in your lives.

Your little girls will love the wonderful hand illustrations and joyful colors that are all part of Joy’s brand ethos – saving the world and keeping children innocent.