Leny Tomy Factory

Leny Tomy Factory kids clothes, created in 2008 in Riga, Latvia, is a family-owned, high-end children’s fashion brand for children ages 0 to 10. Led by CEO and chief designer Liene Andersone, Leny Tomy Factory offers timeless, stylish designs made with high-quality fabrics, perfect texture, and lovely linings.

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leny tomy factory girls tule dress
leny tomy factory girls rose dress

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Produced in Latvia, all products are handmade using carefully chosen, child-appropriate materials. Each item is made with great care and according to the highest quality standards.

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All our products are made of carefully chosen, child appropriate materials and are produced with great care and according to high-quality standards. Within a short time of existence, we have gained great popularity in Latvia and abroad and we have established a stable and rapidly growing client base. Our products are unique, convenient, baby friendly as well as rich in colors.

In the last few years, the brand has grown from a small, local manufacturer to a notable children’s fashion house offering fall/winter and spring/summer collections. You’ll find the collection in the Baltic states, France, Finland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Japan.

Leny Tomy Factory Collection – Dedicated to Love and Family

leny tomy factory girls pink tulle dressFamily – where life begins and Love never ends. It is Love and friendship without definitions, labels, and structures. In our hearts, a fragrance of sweet roses is the symbol of Love. This collection displays deep pleasure about Family’s everyday life and the value of every single moment. It is about sensitivity and kindness towards each other; about Love that forgives drawings on the wallpaper and muddy boots on a carpet. With this collection, we aspire to show that everything genuine and eternal is found in our hearts and in our Families. May our Love and Family collection add to the beauty of your everyday moments!” – Leny Tomy Factory.

You’re going to love Leny Tomy Factory’s original and exclusive fashion clothing for boys and girls collection full of traditional luxurious styles and fabrics with a contemporary twist. Enjoy the original children’s clothing for special occasions, gifts, as well as children’s accessories.