Les Enfantines

Les enfantines was created in 2011 by Laure Guess, who comes from famous fashion icon Jeanne Lanvin, one of France’s most respected designers of the 1920’s and ’30s.

Following the footsteps of Jeanne Lanvin, you could say that French kids fashion design is in Laure blood. From the age of 6 has been creating garments and learned how to sew before she could read. As early as she can remember, she’s always had a passion for stylish clothing made from the very best fabrics. Self-taught, with the skills of draping, pattern making, and sewing, Laure always possessed a strong interest in fashion and couture.

les enfantines baby girls clothes

Les Enfantines is a simply magical line of casual clothing which is chic yet easy to wear. The brand ethos is a special collection of clothing in 100% cashmere and cotton with a small cotton removable collar. Making fashion fun for little ones, she develops her collection so the collars, the pockets … become accessories, making each outfit unique and new every day.

les enfantines baby clothes
Drawing on her childhood memory of finding fabulous treasures in her family’s attic, Laure used the concept of the removable collar and turned them into a contemporary design, bringing it into fashion today and setting new trends.

Les Enfantines design in a neo-retro style – blending the old with the new, reviving classic lines with a modern twist and a surprising combination of fabrics.
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This collection is quintessentially French: chic, luxurious and timeless. Precious fabrics and couture designs are handled and sewn by expert hands to ensure every single item of clothing is made to the highest possible professional standard. Laure even has her own embroidery Atelier in Paris where specialist dressmakers make up prototypes and collars.

Les Enfantines uses only the highest quality fabrics. Cashmere comes from the world’s foremost suppliers, Loro Piana and Todd & Duncan.

Liberty prints, silks, Egyptian cotton, hand-woven fabrics, Mokuba exquisite ribbons and delicate trims all come together to create the gorgeous outfit for a mother’s dearest possession: her child.
les enfantines paris baby boutique
With a statement piece as the removable collar, outfits can be “refreshed” in a minute. Boys can also update their look by swapping a tie collar for a chic Mao collar. Little girls can exchange cotton collars for silky frills.