Lili Gaufrette

Lili Gaufrette by Catherine Wollner

Happy Birthday to chic French brand Lili Gaufrette! This Summer Lili blows out 15 candles to celebrate her girls’ fashion greatness. Lili Gaufrette kids clothes offer a chic and trendy collection originally for girls and now boys too from newborn babies up to age 12.
lili gaufrette girls black dress
Lili Gaufrette was created in 1998 by Catherine Wollner, who made a name for the brand with its chic and stylish design. With the simple complexity that speaks for itself, Lili Gaufrette’s collection is timeless and can be passed down from generation to generation. For example, the tulle underskirt is a classic Lili Gaufrette’s must-haves, causing this seasonless piece to be revisited each season.

lili gaufrette girls coat collection
Lili has won the Earnie Award for the best European style (Spring-Summer 2003 collection) and the Kids Fashion Award, section “Fashion Trend” for the strass raincoat (Spring-Summer 2007 collection).

The Making of Lili Gaufrette Collection

“Flocks of light and refined dresses, pleated or flounced, turning with tulle, guipure, bows, and lace. Smooth farandoles with pastel colors, white, light pink and vanilla, playing with dresses of bright and contrasting colors, bubble, fluorescent or grenadine. Round dance of “birds” prints, stripes, and dots, dancing with fantasies, brooches, hairclips, and belts. With its “Anniversary” dress and its Fashionette miniature version, Lili signs an exceptional dress to celebrate its 15th birthday. Anniversary collection for a unique summer in Lili Gaufrette!”


If you happen to be in Paris and want to see the complete collection in person visit the boutique in La Varenne.
lili gaufrette girls dresses

You’re going to love Lili Gaufrette’s adorable styles for girls from dainty, feminine dresses to swimsuits and boys from cool casual outfits to more formal outfits for special occasions.
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