Mariella Burani

Mariella Burani Fashion Group designs, produces and distributes worldwide a diversified and complementary range of Luxury apparel, footwear, leather accessory and jewelry collections under its own brands and under license for prestigious international designers.

The company was founded in 1960 by Walter and his wife Mariella with the purpose of the production and distribution of children’s clothing.

In the 1970s, after the rise of prêt-à-porter for women, the company began to export abroad in the 1980s and expanded into other lines of clothing, as well as by opening stores.

Born in Cavriago under the name Reggio Emili, Mariella Burani began her life of fashion design began when she became the wife of Walter, Burani Garment Group company’s General manager.

Burani was soon named the pet of Italian children’s garments as her designs reflected children’s innocence and made her dream of “being king of the children” during her childhood come true.

Famed German photographer Peter Lindbergh told Mariella Burani, “her clothes was like seeing his mother’s and grandmother’s on a chic, modern girl who wore army boots on her feet.”

It was her years in Reggio Emilia where she attended schools since fifth grade that inspired Mariella Burani’s designs. The dainty Reggio girls who dressed in grays and subtle hues on one side and the women of Cavriago who went to work on the fields and weeded the rice paddies on the other evoked an image of delicate yet strong women to Mariella Burani, and eventually, the combination of these two worlds became her design philosophy.

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