MARMALADE & MASH kids clothes through timeless designs using comfortable fabrics in rich colorways, has created a luxurious yet practical.

MARMALADE & MASH is a fun and creative British Childrenswear brand designed by Naomi Landgord-Archer, a graduate of the London College of Fashion.

The brand ethos includes Naomi’s primary values: quintessential Britishness, comfort, nostalgia, quirkiness, fun, and timelessness.

Our initial foray into childrenswear design came from a yearning to re-create a favorite childhood duffle coat (providing the Marmalade inspiration from Paddington Bear), and to fulfill a need for traditional clothing for today’s children.

MARMALADE & MASH’s early success encouraged Namoi to create wider collections of comfortable and wearable clothes, combining quirky style with traditional luxury. Your little one will enjoy kids styles that are fuss and frill-free and also keep balance, proportion, and concentrate on clean design lines.

MARMALADE & MASH strives to design clothing that is timeless and aesthetically pleasing. For each collection fabrics and colors are chosen to ensure each piece stands out from the crown in an elegant and sophisticated way.

MARMALADE&MASH’s debut 2012 Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatters tea party – sumptuous yet fun and functional fabrics and timeless designs that go beyond trends and with a touch of vintage appeal.

Fall Winter 2012-13 range that oozes nostalgic wintry warmth. The brand’s focus is on soft, wearable clothing using traditional yet slightly quirky designs in uplifting and inspiring prints and colors.

For girls, you’ll enjoy gorgeous dresses, playsuits, Jackets, Skirts, Tops and more all made of luxurious, unique fabrics. For boys, you’ll love the playful blazers, shirts, waistcoats, shorts and more.

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