Max&Lola Gorgeous Belgian Kids Fashion by Kaatje Sandra Interview

Congratulation goes to Belgian kids fashion designer Kaatje Sandra on her brand Max & Lola’s 25th year anniversary!

A stylist-designer in the field of children’s fashion since 1987, Kaatje has a truly different concept to kids style. She sees her clientele as sophisticated, cultivated, from an artistic environment, in search of a different product.
max and lola white dress
Just take a look at these gorgeous photos and you’ll get a feel for the unique artistic concept of Max & Lola’s collection!

Max & Lola’s Moto – “Kids will be Teens”

“Each piece of clothing Max & Lola appears as a contemporary happening of the art of a subtle and thoughtful projection of an idea of a spontaneous and unique mini concept imagined by Kaatje.
max and lola girls clothes
“The garment is worked with bold and pastel colors of the season that enliven the structured cuts and textured materials. The garment tames, touches itself, surprising in its design, its personality, and comfort.”

Max & Lola’s Designer Kaatje Sandra

Kaatje has happy childhood memories. She comes from a family of 5 children and enjoyed being a teenager during the last years of the 70s.
max&lola girls summer collection
After completing her degree in interior design, Kaatje Sandra wanted to create real fashion for kids by break up the monotone codes of children clothing. She focused on the child’s personality and created clothes that have a more distinct identity than traditional kids market.

Since the beginning of Max & Lola, Kaatje wanted to maintain a highly specialized and unique brand instead of becoming a large company.

The brand’s popularity grew little-by-little by word of mouth and after customers seeing the collection in boutiques in Belgium. This is how Max & Lola was first exported to Europe and then in New York, Riyadh Japan to reach Moscow, Georgiou, Hong Kong, Seoul today.

Interview with Max & Lola Designer Kaatje Sandra

At Playtime Paris Trade Show I had the pleasure of interviewing Kaatje who shared with me how she started her brand over 25 years ago. Kaatje showed me her latest collection for Fall Winter and the special exclusive fabrics from Italy.