Mim-Pi Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Congratulations to the amazingly talented Dutch fashion designer Eleonora Nieuwenhuizen on Mim-Pi‘s ten year birthday! Each season Eleonora creates uniquely wonderful girls collections inspired by her world travels. When she was in Japan Eleonora fell in love with the Blythe doll. In Berlin, she was inspired by the small circus across the street from her hotel. In Milan, she was inspired by the flowers in bloom.

About Mim-Pi Summer 2013 Collection

For Spring Summer 2013 Eleonora worked with illustrator Fiona Hewitt, an expert in Asian Kitschology, Andy Tainton, the Dumpling Dynasty brand was inspired by years spent by the couple living in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, endlessly trawling the flea markets and junk shops for inspiration.

Our products are a labor of love. Sought-out from lesser-known parts of Asia, we strive to personalize and re-create the sweet sentiment and attention to detail found in vintage Asian packaging design,” explains Fiona Hewitt.

Mim-Pi Asian Illustration Retro Inspired Summer 2013 Collection

Created especially for MIM-PI, Fiona and Eleonora designed the first Wu and Wu clothing collection where you’ll find authentic illustrations of kittens, deer, rabbits, and horses on the front and sometimes on the back of Mim-Pi dresses, shirts and jackets.

mim pi girls wu wu asian illustration clothesSome wonderful parts the Mim-Pi collection are the retro, ballerina and baby lines. The ‘oh so much fun’ retro look includes colorful diamond and floral patters with Wu&Wu Asian inspired illustrations.

Some of my favorites are the pink and green bird jumpsuit, pink kitty dress, and pink dress with Bambi print. For a true retro look, match with fun socks, sunglasses and headbands.

Be sure to look at the Spring Mim-Pi Jackets, my personal favorites, be it the fun retro-inspired babmi mid-length jackets, red 50s style zip-front jacket with a kitten on the front, and white waist jacket with a kitten illustrations on the back.

mim pi ballerina dress

The Mim-Pi Ballet Theatre line has gorgeous dresses, tops, and skirts in pink white and blue that any little girl will love to take a big twirl in with lots of tulle layers and appliques. Some of my favorites are the pink dress ballet dresses in lots of tulle, flower appliques and little pink spangles and the matching pink ballet bolero tulle cardigan.

For baby girls you’ll find the same Wu&Wu Asian inspired illustrations and retro patterns shrunk down into baby sizes. My Favorites are the blue tutu dress with a baby illustration on the front and the retro red white and blue patterned top and shirt with a the Wu&Wu deer illustration on the front.

mim pi girls clothes spring summer 2013