Mini A Ture Copenhagen Kid Clothes

Launched in 2001 and designed by Anne Katrine Lemvigh Montag, MINI A TURE kids clothes are practical and functional and can withstand the daily wear and tear of active boys and girls. The clothes are never restrictive or uncomfortable which makes them perfect for babies and children up to ten years old.

Designer Anne Katrine Lemvigh Montag focuses on creating collections that have an international appeal, without losing any of MINI A TURE’s signature designs or brand values including the active support for the Sunway Children’s Home in Bodh Gaya, Northern India.

MINI A TURE is the poetry of our childhood. The essence of the imaginative dream, play and bubbling joy.

Since its launch in 2001, MINI A TURE conquered both Danish and foreign market and is today an internationally recognized brand that has been awarded several prestigious design awards.

MINI A TURE is based on Scandinavian roots including a clear international trend profile. You’ll find adorable children’s clothing with a strong, unique design and is also functional and comfortable to wear. MINI A TURE clothing is also made of high-quality, so the clothes can withstand everyday wear when kids play.

Design Manager Anne Katrine Montag gets great inspiration from the nostalgia of her own childhood:

“I think back to the carefree summertime in the beautiful, warm light and the endless nights. Just toes and happy child laughing. And tobogganing on the snow-covered hills during the frosty sky. Cosy winter evenings in front of the fireplace. It is the very basis of the collections that I create. But I love fashion and inspired by trends from around the world, which I interpret in my design. “

mini a ture kids clothes denmark

MINI A TURE offers four collections a year – all with seasonal styles. The main collections are launched in the spring and fall while the two smaller collections will be launched this summer and Christmas respectively beach and event-based styles.

“Children feel comfortable in MINI A TURE – and they look beautiful and well-dressed out. Our personal style based on the Danish design combined with trendy trends and humor is unique. Our special prints and patterns, unique cuts and color combinations, combined with high-quality materials and a truly exclusive and chic look. “

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