Mini Raxevsky

Mini Raxevsky kids clothes was founded in 1989 in Athens, Greece by Dimitra Raxevsky and Avedis Balian. Their dream was the creation of a company that would produce a totally different image for the Greek children market. Their goal was achieved with hard work and dedication to their customers’ needs and wants. Now the company is one of the leading firms in Greece, specializing in children’s clothes while it is popular for the differentiated, trendy design as well as the high quality of the products it offers.

You’ll find a diversified collection for Infant, kids, and Junior as well as the particular Christening series. Mini Raxevsky perfectly meets the needs of demanding little customers from the moment of their birth to the age of 14 years old.

Mini Raxevksy brand ethos is to “Excellent quality, unique design, comfort, affordable prices.” It strives to be line with the needs of children’s fashion as well as its progress and to offer the best possible results at the most affordable prices while offering the customers excellent quality.

Mini Raxevsky is not only popular in Greece, but also worldwide, with stores in other countries such as Italy, Armenia, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar and more.

We started our dream with caution, but with ample appetite for work and we managed to build our own little empire step by step. For us, children are our priority and designing clothes is more than just a profession. We want to see joy painted in their eyes and contentment reflected in the eyes of their parents. I am absolutely delighted and proud of what we have accomplished so far because it was the result of hard work and perseverance. The family of Mini Raxevsky promises to continue its successful work in the future, creating higher standards for the fashion industry.…designing for children is what makes us complete… – Dimitra Raxevsky, Founder of Mini Raxevsky

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