Minidunadu uses smooth microfibre fabrics with a cottony feel, which replaces the traditional ketten weave, as well as quick-dry fabrics. For accessories, they like to use pre-washed cotton and fresh voile.

The whole collection is made in Spain. The colors palette comes from a family trip to Morocco. The graphic designs which make up the collection are very visual and simple.

One afternoon, when Antía and Carla arrived home from school, they asked their mother: – Mamá!, have we got any of “The Beatles” CDs? From this moment on the song “Here comes the sun” was playing non-stop.

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At home, in the office, in the car…because of this, it soon became our daily soundtrack and from this, a positive collection was born.

One with a colorful, outlook and with a rocker spirit, just like the song. And while bikinis would look out of place on Abbey Road, we’ll head to Abbey Beach, to shot the collection instead! What do you reckon?

minidunadu kids swimwear

Most children’s brands are born when one becomes a mum or a dad and can’t find what one wants one’s kids to wear. In the Minidunadu case first Antía was born, two years later Carla did.

They the kids started demanding how they wanted their bikinis to be, and none of the ones we found were good enough for them! Then she started designed a couple of kids’ swimwear just for fun. And that’s how the Minidunadu brand began.

Minidunadu is a collection for your free time: holidays, adventures…this is the reason why they are such fun garments! Comfy, fresh, with their own personality and a “recording soul”.

All of them made in Spain, of course!! And now with rhythm too, lots of rhythms.

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