Mischka Aoki Spring Summer 2014

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Mischka Aoki‘s Spring Summer 2014 collection “The Little Dauphine of Versailles Gardens” clearly communicates what inspired designer Winnie Aoki when creating her collection of couture dresses. Season after season Mischka Aoki continues to create a couture collection for girls that is in a class of its own by using high-end fabrics and embellishments usually found on the red carpet at a celebrity event.

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The Chateau de Versailles has one of the most famous gardens and literally was the backyard of French Royalty. I remember my first visit to the royal gardens and being amazed by its meticulously maintained lawns and gorgeous landscaping. I loved seeing them again in one of my favorite films Marie Antoinette.

Mischka Aoki Spring Summer 2014 White Dresses

The regal grandeur and unprecedented wealth of spectacular floral displays planted in endless varieties, alternated with sparkling fountains and beautiful sculptures had inspired the powerful tide of intricate lace, opulent flowers and radiant crystals that engulfed Mischka Aoki’s headquarters, producing the most dazzling, intricate and labor intense collection in the brand’s history.

Mischka Aoki Girls Couture Dress SS14

In the Royal Family, a young Dauphine was the center of attending is expected to outshine the brightest stars of her Court and set the fashion tone in Versailles.

Mischka Aoki FW14 Girls Dresses

Of course every little French princess would be expected to own a royal white dress looking “endlessly fascinating and endearing; cool and charming like a white peony flower in her white dress lavishly adorned by myriads of delicate handmade blossoms, hand sewn on exquisite, angelic white lace, instead of traditional plain satin to add a whimsical touch.”

Mischka Aoki Spring Summer 2014

A favorite in the collection is Mischka Aoki’s “The Sunset at Petite Trianon” Dress inspired by the great French painter Claude Monet water lilies ponds. With its amethyst bodice layered with rich, hand painted lace and dipped into a cloud of moody smoky grey tulle.

Mischa Aoki Girls The Sunset at Petite Trianon Dress

Typical of many Mischka Aoki dresses, you’ll find “Swarovski crystals sparkling against a subtle sheen of luxurious satin, shimmering softly in the gossamer layers of tulle and glisten like a morning dew on an elaborate web of lace”.

Mischka Aoki Girls Dress SS14

These “Spring beauty” dresses are designed in delicate pastel colors perfect for a Garden Party. The dress includes pink lace surrounded by vivacious flower parterre, macaroon colored delicate organza grounded by simply structured lace bodice in a stunning display of artfully fused opposites.

Blue Ivy in Mischka Aoki Her Royal Highness Dress Red Carpet Wearable Art LA Event

“Her Royal Highness” dress is perfect for her masquerade ball with its fuchsia lustrous satin, rich jeweled neckline and a tulip skirt made with thousands of hand-sewn luxurious flowers.

Mischka Aoki All Hail the Queen Dress

The most sensational piece in the Mischka Aoki’s SS14 collection is the “All Hail the Queen” dress full of opulence and regality. “The luscious cascades of smoky gray gossamer organza swirling into a magnificent giant blossom that crowns renaissance skirt and shatters into myriads of pretty little flowers adorning lace bodice, evoke the extravagant and whimsical style of the most famous Dauphine of all times – Marie Antoinette.”

mishka aoki girls dresses ss14

You can shop these gorgeous girls couture dresses online that ship worldwide.