OCRA boys shoes fw13
OCRA girls brown boots
OCRA kids girls shoes fw13

The MOMINO and OCRA story began back in 2000 when Stefano Evandri and his sister Paola created Fast Shoe Factory, a handmade workshop devoted to creating children’s shoes. Their success is based on an original and genuine approach to shoemaking. Top notch materials are manufactured using all possible techniques: slip-lasting and ideal methods, Goodyear and Tubulars, with a glance at the classic washed & used treatments, inherited from the master shoemakers of the past.

MOMINO Fall Winter 2013-14 Collection

The Momino collection is based on contrasts: smooth leathers, printed natural grains, and metals made dirty by working processes in tone on tone and in bi or tricolor versions.

Studs in various shapes and finishings with under skin trimmings and metallic zippers give the collection an aggressive and fashionable look. Bi or tricolor rolled or transparent resins are used to finish the product.

Colors range from military to dark forest green, dark brown to the brick red and even grey and neutral natural hues. You’ll find flashes of bright colors in detail, such as furs and wools.

MOMINO leather boys boots fw13
MOMINO kids boots fw13
MOMINO gold trainers fw13

OCRA Kids Shoes with Low Environmental Impact

In 2009 FAST launched its second concept brand OCRA, aiming to create kids’ shoes with a very low environmental impact. OCRA uses a natural vegetal treatment on chrome-free leather. The leather of the sole is made using the same method, along with non-toxic, water-based glues. Packaging is entirely biodegradable, designed by the pil associati ECOPIL division, and is an ideal tool for parents to teach their little ones how to save the environment.

OCRA Fall Winter 2013-14 Collection

Using contemporary colors and shades Ocra’s style combines timeless flair with modern hints. Popular features are multicolor patchwork and pull up effects both on its sport and fashion collections, enriched by small drawings and prints, like man drapery or little reptiles.

OCRA’s collection is unique, characterized by a revised new classic look. The strong and intense color scheme ranges from green to titanium, ocher to dark brown and intense ocher and red hues.

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