Swedish fashion company Moonkids children’s clothes is a strong upcoming modern fashion brand for kids from newborn to age 12. The brand focuses on high quality and good fit, always taking into consideration what’s best for kids.

Each item in the collection has been carefully designed by hand in the design department in Stockholm where high fashion collections are created based on the roots of Scandinavian children´s wear design.

At moonkids we love colors. And design. And good fit. We try to keep that in mind when creating our clothes for all great kids around the globe. We run this idea about personality. Kids (and grownups) should have the opportunity and guts to show their personality. We believe that all people, young and old, will be happier and maybe a bit of a better person if you dare to be yourself and stand up for your beliefs. If you get the chance to decide on your own what to want to wear you can more easily express who you are and what you like or dislike. And those kids are exactly the ones we love at moonkids. Those kids who will put their underpants as a hat, gladly and proud walking to kindergarten. Or use the t-shirt as extensions. We wish that the parents could stop tremble and give their kids the freedom to show their personality.

Moonkids cares about the environment and keeps the production of the garments as close as possible to Europe, where most customers live. They remain in close contact with production units in order to guarantee that child labor outlawed.

Moonkids Sweden is ready to get you into the perfect Summer mood! To get the right feeling for beach and fun you need some must-haves, simple clothes that you can´t live without. Luckily moonkids offers a wide range of clothing
which will help your family get into the right summer mood!

With our background in tailoring, moonkids offers garments of high quality with a great fit and a pure, timeless and innovative design. All garments are tested on real kids to ensure that we have accomplished the perfect quality and supreme fit. We call the result of this work – The SuperDuperfit. When it comes to choice of materials we don´t accept anything else than super quality, and if possible we only use Oeko-tex material.

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