Morely Kids Clothing by Anouck Robyn

For Morley’s designer Anouck Robyn her career began as the quirky and talented designer of the much-loved brand Quincy where she distinguished herself for her talent in kids fashion design. Anouck decided to launch her own brand Morley kids clothes in 2010. Now at the helm of the new label, Anouck’ss avant-garde style is creating a new fashion buzz.

morley for kids girls clothes belgium
Morley children’s clothing is made exclusively in Belgium and Tunisia. At first, you’ll think it looks deceptively simple. Look closer and you will see a quiet, modern sophistication.

morley for kids clothing beligum
Anouck uses luxury fabrics in exquisite colors palettes that are given Anouck’s signature stone wash look. You’ll find a wide variety of pieces from effortless, sports-influenced styles that go hand in hand with exaggerated on-trend pieces.

The collection is both for girls and boys. I love the use of a wide variety of textiles and patterns from floral to herringbone that give the brand a fashion-forward look.

Since the launch in 2010, Anouck continues to surprise and excite the kids’ fashion industry when she launches new collections twice a year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter at leading children’s trade shows including Playtime Paris and Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence, Italy. I always look forward to meeting Anouck and seeing the latest collection which never disappoints us kids fashion lovers that can’t get enough looks for our mini fashionistas.

morley kids fashion belgium
I absolutely love Morley’s unique use of patterns and gorgeous dress silhouettes – all in muted colors that give girls a sophisticated yet innocent look. Boys will enjoy cool pattern pants, soft cotton shirts, layered with gorgeous toned sweaters. A perfect mix for children who are looking for sophisticated fashion that is both comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Be sure to check out the breath-taking photos that highlight the beauty of Morley’s collection season after season. Definitely breathtaking!