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Munster Kids Clothes from Sydney, Australia

Munster Kids clothing, created in Sydney, Australia, is a collection of kids apparel that is driven by music, art and street culture. Inspired by urban legend Mikey Munster, the devious side of every kid, Munster garments balance the mix of kid themes and adult styling with durability and comfort leaving them satisfied and you feeling a little jealous.

Munster Kids was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2003 to bring some much-needed attitude into kids wear. Inspired by urban legend Mikey Munster – the sharp-toothed troublemaker in every kid – the MunsterKids line is a fashion-forward collection of apparel driven by music, art and street culture. Shine a torch on your little one and find Mikey in his shadow, crawling, brawling and mischief-making. His sister Missie is right by his side, skipping stones and throwing stars.

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Munster Kids is a collection of kids apparel that is driven by music, art and street culture. Created by Rich and Samantha Brown in 2005. The Sydney based label now exports to over 20 countries around the world. The collection includes denim, outerwear, woven shirts and shorts, boardshorts, tees, fleece and accessories with a strong focus on graphics.

The Munster Kids label is inspired by the urban legend of Mikey Munster, a sharp-toothed troublemaker that resides in every kid. Mikey, having 3 boys of their own, Jax, Zai and Kash, is seen every day and the boys constantly provide inspiration for the line.

After creating the successful Munster Kids Boys collection, in 2009 the girls’ line was launched called Missie Munster. Missie is a gorgeous mix of street style silhouettes with beautiful illustrations – offering a cool alternative for the more street savvy little girl.

For the younger Munster brothers and sisters, check out the Mini Munster for boys and Lil Missie for girls. This Mini Munster range goes from 0-24 months and brings street-smart looks to the babies and toddlers.

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