Neige was born out of Adrienne Sugden’s unique vision of sophistication and style in children’s wear. A former designer for Vera Wang, Sugden’s vision of style, comfort, and modernity in children’s wear has set the line apart since its launch in 2005. The company’s devotion to detail, quality, and design has garnered Neige an immense following of retailer, editors, and mothers alike. Girls and boys 2T-12.

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neige meaning “snow” in French, was chosen to designate the collection for its connotations of purity, innocence and sophisticated playfulness.

As an assistant designer to preeminent ready-to-wear and bridal designer Vera Wan, Adrienne Sugden’s eye, and design philosophy were recognized and honored.

When she becoming a mother, Sugden was surprised by the need in the children’s wear market for modern and age-appropriate clothing.

“All too often, children’s clothes are ‘decorated’ and overwrought with frills, patches, colors, and patterns. Our clothes are designed with tremendous respect for both children themselves, and to style.”

Adrienne believes that for children, comfort is the yardstick, and each piece on the collection is conceived with this in mind. What makes Neige stand out in the crowd is that each piece is designed with an intense dedication to quality and style.

This unique design philosophy and look makes Neige stand out in the crowd and has made it popular with kids and parents.

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