Nixie Clothing

Nixie Clothing, know as bohemian ‘English eccentric’ brand, was established in 2006 and is based in Hackney, East London. Now in their 8th season, the brand has grown into a mature, high-end girl’s fashion label.

What distinguishes Nixie as a brand is its commitment to using sustainable materials and refusal to follow trends. Instead, Nixie is driven by their own unique design vision while striving to meet the challenge of being ethical and responsible in all aspects of their business.

Nixie Stardust Bowie Inspired Collection

Calling all Bowie fans…..suit up, space out and fall to earth in the playful ‘Nixie Stardust’ collection for Spring Summer 2013. Nixie is going a spacey modern new direction with easy care and wear organic cotton and bamboo jersey clothes for girls aged 4 to 12.

nixie stardust collection spring summer 2013

Inspired by the mercurial energy of David Bowie at the peak of his career, Nixie has taken his iconic alter-ego Ziggy Stardust as its muse. This conceptual and graphic collection of eight pieces balances Nixie’s core ethic of sustainability and design-led quality with a quirky humorous aesthetic.

nixie stardust girls collection spring summer 2013

Nixie has created a constellation of form and color in two glam slam colorways; muted mink, baby pink, and caterpillar green or space-suit grey, nova pink and celestial turquoise.

Nixie Clothing Designer Nicole Frobusch has Launched a new Magazine called Chalk & Wild. It looks like Nixie Clothing’s last collection is Spring Summer 2014. Wishing Nicole the best of luck with her new magazine!

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nixie stardust girls collection spring summer 2013