Noa Noa Miniature

Noa Noa Miniature girls clothes from Denmark was founded in 2003 as a brand for girls aged 2-12 releases four annual collections: Spring/Summer, High Summer, Autumn/Winter, Christmas. In 2010, Noa Noa baby was added to the portfolio.

Rikke Astorri is the designer behind the successful Noa Noa Miniature. With her beautiful, confident design, she creates functional children’s clothes which, with their pure and nostalgic look, capture the world of childhood.

Get a Feel for The Noa Noa Miniature Collection

“Decorative and charming details must be incorporated into the design so the garment can take being played in. The Noa Noa miniature style is primarily clothes for girls who want to be girls. It is slightly bohemian, slightly ethnic and with a touch of nostalgia which reflects the innocence and sweetness of childhood. In other words, you take something old, work on it and make it modern while preserving its inherent qualities,”- Rikke Astorri, designer Noa Noa Miniature.

Noa Noa Miniature is a popular brand in Denmark. You’ll find flagship Noa Noa boutiques throughout Denmark. Each year the women and girl clothing collection are featured at the CIFF fashion show celebrating the best in Danish fashion twice a year in both the Winter and Summer.

I’ve always loved Noa Noa since I first discovered their brand when visiting Copenhagen for the first time. This perfectly feminine brand is a must-have for girls of any age…from baby to girl, teen and later moms who love to dress is pretty yet comfortable clothing!Noa Noa Miniature

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