Oeuf NYC

Oeuf NYC Contemporary Kids Clothing

Since 2003, Oeuf NYC has been known for its modern take on nursery furniture and handknit clothes and accessories. Oeuf (which means “egg” in French) is about simple, clean design without compromising on quality, safety, and environmental/social impact.

Oeuf started working in Bolivia in 2004 where their knits were produced by 4 artisans. With Oeuf’s growing success, the collection now supports 190 (almost all female) knitters. In line with fair trade principles, Oeuf pays its artisans a living wage which enables them to afford healthcare and education for their children. Oeuf’s collection is made from 100% alpaca wool, providing much-needed income for local farmers as well as showcasing a renewable and luxurious natural material.

Visiting our partners in Bolivia, we have seen the incredible difference Oeuf has made to people’s lives,” said Sophie Demenge, designer and co-founder of Oeuf. “Working in Bolivia has given us the ability to make beautiful products which kids love because they are fun and soft to the touch and parents adore because they are stylish and support communities in less developed parts of the world.

Meet the Oeuf NYC Design Team

The Oeuf story began with Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan – a French/American husband and wife team with a mission to reduce unnecessary purchases and offer solutions to parents that made sense with the demands of a modern lifestyle.

Back in 2002 with the birth of Sophie and Michael’s first child in 2002, as design-conscious and environmentally aware parents they considered a cross-section of factors when creating the modern nursery. Rather than producing a multitude of products, they decided to streamline their new lifestyle into a few essential pieces. Oeuf’s mission has become to make those essentials practical and stylish, without compromising quality and safety – their top priority.

Each Oeuf design is focused on three key principals: quality, practicality, and function – all packaged in beautiful design. You’ll enjoy essential, high quality and multifunctional, pieces that fit any budget.

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