Oilily Kids

Oilily Kids Dutch Fashion Since 1963

Oilily kids clothes established in 1963 in the Netherlands, is one of the most well known international fashion labels for kids and moms. Known for its gorgeous original patterns full of vivid colors, Oilily clothes are made for kids meaning they can do all the things kids do and their clothes will stay looking newer longer. Oilily’s brand moto is that their products are made with love and an eye for detail. Each season Oilily patterns are designed with special thought and care, and sometimes even painted by hand.

oilily girls fall winter 2014

Oilily – History of World Famous Dutch Fashion House

Since 1963 Oilily has been a hallmark of fashion creativity found in the wardrobe of children and women since 1963. Over the years Oilily has gained a huge following with a large number of fans including celebrities Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Lauren Hill, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts, Madonna, the Obamas and more.

OILILY boys spring summer 2013
In 2013, Oilily celebrated its 50th anniversary and continues to be known for its virtuoso combinations of color, mixes of cultural influences, humoristic details, unexpected combinations of materials and certified high quality.
OILILY girls spring summer 2013 collection

We believe in creativity. Creativity alone leads to fresh ideas, original products, and unexpected initiatives. By looking at the world differently, we are in a position to add new designs to the lives of the people around us. We will never be led by the latest trends; we prefer to be at the foundation of a new trend. But that is not really what we are looking for. It is by being ourselves that our designs remain authentic and unusual. And that is where our strength lies. Innovation is not a goal in itself but it flows from the creative urge to want to create the best and most beautiful product.

“Oilily’s Garden of Eden collection is about believing. When you believe in something you should not be afraid to show it. Whether you believe in yourself, in the miracles of nature or in saints.”
oilily girls fall winter 2014
Since 1963, Oilily has grown into a distinctive lifestyle brand offered in over 60 countries worldwide. Oilily’s creates surprising products that lead to new experiences which suit their motto: “Make new things happen”!