Oobi Baby & Kids Clothes

Australia’s Oobi Baby&Kids, founded in 2002 has been designing children’s educational toys and textiles for almost 8 years with the last 5 years almost exclusively on gorgeous fashion for brainy babies who are a cut above the rest – no boring stuff here!

Oobi Baby&Kids creates beautiful, charming and slightly whimsical fashion that pushes the boundaries of what people usually expect from childrenswear. All obi Baby&Kids cotton fabrics are designed exclusively by Oobi and printed by us to ensure their designs are 100% unique, 100% cotton and a rich, ‘crisp’ quality which means that you don’t have to spend so much time ironing.

About Oobi Baby & Kids

Oobi Baby&Kids has a strong, bold design element without the prices usually attached to ‘designer’ clothing. Oobi is made to be worn by every child from everywhere. Oobi Baby&Kids pieces are always made from 100% natural fibers too so you can rest assured in our quality.

With Oobi my idea was always that mums could put it together however they liked, mix-and-match and make it their own. When I was a kid I had the most amazing paper dolls and they came with dresses, skirts, tops and accessories but I could play with them forever and make all kinds of different looks that it was endless. Oobi’s aim is to let children express themselves through their clothing and our passion is to let children be children! – Alexandra Riggs, Oobi Founder

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Oobi Baby Kids Clothes Australia