Petit by Sofie Schnoor

The Petit by Sofie Schnoor for kids story began in 2007 when designer Sophie started with a French wool ball and a dream of designing for children. Inspired by her two children Marie-Olympia and Alexander, her desire to design for children grew and she asked her mother-in-law to start knitting! A ball of wool very quickly became the very first collection of Petit by Sofie Schnoor.

Get a Feel for The Petit by Sofie Schnoor Collection

Sofie Schnoor has created a world of fashion for children that is simply elegant, clean-cut, and soft in color. Sofie is inspired by the 1920`s classic features in combination with the raw look of high-quality products from kids clothes, to shoes, bed linen, and woolen jumpers. All products in the Petit by Sofie Schnoor collection are made with natural soft materials that are high in quality and long-lasting.

Petit by Sofie Schnoor isn`t just a line of collections as much as it is an invitation to explore a new universe. In this universe, the child is the center. The child`s mobility is the very essence of this collection by which, when wearing these clothes, the child is not disturbed or limited in any way. Sofie Schnoor products are frames only – it is the child who is the masterpiece!

petit by sophie schnoor kids clothes denmark

A Bit About Sofie Schnoor

Sofie was born into the fashion industry….from a very early age Sofie Schnoor developed a passion for design and creativity. Sofie visits markets and second-hand shops all over the world hoping to discover a small piece of fabric, a string of wool or a button, that can inspire a new collection. When Sophie gets a feel for the fabric her ideas flow – and a new universe takes shape.

Enjoy Petit by Sofie Schnoor kids clothing, a favorite Danish brand that baby, boys and girls around the world love to wear.

petit by sofie schnoor kids clothes