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POM D’API has been in the shoe business, father to son, since 1870, and they know just how demanding a job making shoes for children is. There is no substitute for excellence. POM D’API kids shoes long experience means that we know the importance of fit better than anybody. Meticulous attention is paid to every detail of the manufacturing process.

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Designed in France, Pom d’Api has created a sparkling collection combining bright colors and contemporary materials.

Colored patents and scratched leathers are mixed with metallic leathers for a unique combination. This season Pom d’Api has launched a line of sandals made with pastel natural leathers.

A good shoe is not easy to choose. It must be sufficiently rigid and rising at the back to ensure a perfect fit. It should also be light and have a non-slip soft sole for the comfort of a child. All these factors favor the formation of its natural arch and allow to grow well. In the shops Pom d’Api, our teams are trained to answer your questions and offer advice.

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Pom D’Api is one of the most popular designer children’s footwear brands in France. Fashionable and durable, all Pom D’Api shoes are made with forward-thinking designs from the finest natural materials.

Pom D’Api children’s shoes stand out from the crowd with their carefully chosen leather and fun features for baby and kids including decorative studs and buckles.

Always a favorite for boys and girls alike, Pom D’Api designs great shoes for both Summer and Winter seasons. Enjoy a wide selection of shoes for all ages and seasons in a variety of colors and details.

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