Pom Ponette

Pom Ponette Girls Clothes, a leading brand in the Narumiya International family, accents a classy French look with a lot of pastels and monotones.

Poodles, Yorkshire terriers, and Chihuahuas are used as motifs to more strongly appeal to children.

Warm pastel tones and soft materials add a feeling of comfort and sophistication.

Pom Ponette is one of my favorite Japanese girls’ brands that I discovered when I started Dashin Fashion a number of years ago.

I love the Parisian style and traditional girls dresses. It has a bit of a vintage look that reminds me of a flashback in time to the 1950s.

Who would have thought that the Japanese kids’ fashion designers can do European style so well?

The soft girly girl look of Pom Ponette is very classy and dreamy, without the bling, bling girls look that many other brands go overboard with.

The brand looks so Parisian you would never guess that is designed and sold in Japan.

You could have fooled me! I’m dying to get my hands on some of these gorgeous Pom Ponette looks for girls.

I think it’s time to travel to Japan and do a little Pom Ponette shopping spree!

pom ponette kids clothes