Quenotte Paris

Quenotte Paris kids clothes offers high end children’s clothing that has a retro look inspired by past designs and adapted to meet today’s kids’ style.

Some of the uniqueness of Quenotte is its retro interpretation on fashion mixed with the unique combination of bold prints, cuts, and materials.

Quenotte brand ethos is to work with refined, special materials from cotton, wool, linen and more making a unique fashion mix that kids love.

You’ll find lots of vintage inspiration in the collection including retro prints, cuts, and fabrics.

Let’s not forget the Parisian French style. You’ll find authenticity and a focuses on quality.

quenotte kids fashion paris

Quenotte Designers Agatha Philippart and Marie-Laure Lhuillier

Quenotte was created back in 2010 by Agatha Philippart and Marie-Laure Lhuillier. Together they have tapped into their unconditional vintage inspirations and love for fashion design to create the unique Quenotte collection for girls & boys.