Quis Quis by Stefano Cavalleri Kids Spring Summer 2014

The Quis Quis Spring Summer 2014 Collection continues to excite the kids’ fashion industry with its launch at the Pitti Immagine Bimbo runway show last June in Florence, Italy.

quis quis girls spring summer 2014 collection

Quis Quis Fashion Show

When Stefano Cavalleri launched his new kids brand Quis Quis Kids for Fall Winter 2013 I was amazed by the intricacy of each piece from the use of rich fabrics including washed and printed silk to Milan and Roma stitch fabric and embellished jeweled sequins and beads.

quis quis girl flower dress spring summer 2014
I love the wide variety of delicate white dresses, perfect for Spring holidays and events. When watching the runway show you’ll notice the transition from white dresses, to a mix of colorful flowers and polka-dot patterns that add lots of personality to the collection.
quis quis girls white coat spring summer 2014

Shop the Quis Quis Spring Summer 2014 Collection

From the QuisQuis Spring Summer 2014 runway show back in June, now the collection arrives at designer kids stores around the globe.
quis quis boys white suit 2014
Take for example this gorgeous Quis Quis Pink Floral Lace Dress, complete with sparkling gold metallic thread and pink ribbon bows on the waist. An added touch is the pretty pink lining gives the dress body and dips below the hemline.
quis quis girls spring summer 2014 shoes accessories
In the Quis Quis collection, you’ll also find a wide selection of clothing for boys from classic white formal wear, to red and blue traditional casual wear, and also a more upbeat, bright-colored streetwear look.

Quis Quis also has a wonderful line of shoes for both boys and girls. I love these jeweled girls ballet shoes that match perfectly with the purse and dress.

“They shiver with moonlight and starlight, these sparkling and twinkling shoes. Magnificent jewels, more precious than those lost by Cinderella, they will seek out and transform thousands and thousands of princesses. Even more magical than those belonging to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, these can fly, traveling to distant lands, turning each step into gossamer lightness, grazing the natural world to become little more than a dream.” – Quis Quis

It will be exciting to see what Quis Quis has in store for their Fall-Winter 2014/15 collection to be launched at their runway show at Pitti Immagine Bimbo on January 16th. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Quis Quis Girls Fall Winter 2014 fashion show