Rare The Kid

Rare the kid is a mini-me Italian children’s clothing brand for ages 6 to 12 years sharing the same brand DNA with RA-RE for men and women.

Each piece of clothing becomes the symbol of an imaginary life. The collection leaves no doubt that it does not intend dressing boys like little lords but intends to direct the interpretations of true kids who wear ever more comfortable as well as glamorous clothes.

Since Rare the Kids’ beginning in 2004, this beautiful Italian brand for boys has won awards for their special attention to detail, high-quality fabrics and coll but youthful styles for fashion-forward young boys.

rare the kids boys clothes italy

Based on the adult RA-RE men-women’s collection Rare the Kid has been created to fill a gap, to satisfy those who are always seeking something new, those who are looking for feel cool and ready to stand out in the crowd.

Taking inspiration from the spontaneity and energy of children, Rare for Kids offers unconventional and rebellious designs.

This is the underlying spirit is the basic idea of every Ra-Re collection making it a unique and cool collection for boys or all ages.