Rock Your Baby

Rock Your Baby Cool Clothes from Australia

Rock Your Baby started back in 2002 at Sydney’s Bondi markets. Two sisters Johanne Walsh and Caroline Nesbitt opened a stall selling a small range of funny and original printed onesies and t-shirts with a rock and roll edge.

rock your baby cool childrens fashion
The response to Johanne and Caroline’s designs were overwhelming. Since the days of that market stall, Rock your baby continues to kick off a mini style revolution starts in the cradle! You won’t find the cutesy pastel look of traditional babywear. Inspired by contemporary popular culture, Rock Your Baby’s designs for newborns up to 7 years-old with a rock ‘n roll attitude, bold bright graphics and a sense of humor.
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Johanne and Caroline still design every piece of every collection, running their growing international business with the help of a small and dedicated team from a warehouse near their homes in Sydney’s beautiful Blue Mountains. Now the first Rock Your Baby babies are almost teens, and today the label’s regular customers include some of the world’s most famous media, music, and movie stars but the RYB sisters’ design brief remains the same: to make high quality, fun, funny, cutting edge kids’ fashion available to every mum whose taste is just that little bit more rock and roll.

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Rock Your Baby is specially designed “for kids who demand to be noticed”. The brand’s signature items remain to be its original graphics driven t-shirts, but you’ll also find chic little dresses and mini-hipster denim, with their on-trend grown-up styling but kid-friendly comfort and toughness.