Roma e Toska

Roma e Toska girls clothes is an exclusive fashion label for girls ages 2 to 16 years. Within 3 years, Roma e Toska achieved admirable international recognition because its style closed the gap between everyday clothes and elegant event dresses. Roma e Toska clothes feature carefully constructed themes that are mixed and matched to give a harmonious look that is truly unique and has won them many famous fans.

A love of detail, the use of lux Italian textiles and high-quality German manufacture gives the brand its “air of haute couture”. Roma e Toska designs are filled with historical references; inspired by ancient stone castles, the turn-of-the-century circus or medieval tapestries.

roma e toska girls clothes

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Roma e Toska’s collection is produced in a limited small quantity and strictly followed sustainable production rules. The manufacturers in Germany and Italy take care of traditional craftsmanship and detailed handmade work – crafted to last.

In order to follow the designer’s concept that every piece is unique, all materials used come from the best textile designers in Italy, exclusively developed for Roma e Toska.

roma e toska girls winter clothes

Sometimes I find in the remote corner of the studio a leftover lace and this becomes the missing link to the collection. Or I stare outside the window, right next to the old photos of my daughters and I let my inspiration flow. I love this chaos and I don’t want to take a single frame apart … except that more and more new stuff is coming in form season to season. – Birgit Tyszkiewicz

Roma e Toska’s collection is perfect for girls that are looking for a sophisticated wardrobe, something that is unique and will make them stand out from the crowd. All items are produced in a limited small amount by strictly followed sustainable production rules.

roma e toska girls summer clothes

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