Shabby Apple Baby

Shabby Apple Baby by Addi & Kinsi is a unique line of baby, girls and women’s dresses that are cleverly made for everyday wear. Their dresses are versatile and can be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, or by themselves. Shabby Baby dresses are made of 100% cotton designer fabric and were manufactured in the USA.

Shabby Apple was founded in 2006 to design and sell vintage-inspired clothing, reminiscent of the classy clothing of the past, both in style and coverage. Beyond design, Shabby Apple strives to empower women in the workplace. They are a company that is over 90% women-owned/operated that strives to help women lead in the world.

shabby apple baby girls clothes

In order to help women worldwide, Shabby Apple connects with other women around the world by partnering with organizations that give women micro-credit loans and clean, safe living environments. We believe that with health and the right tools, women can empower themselves.

Shabby Apple’s clothes are meant to evoke the style and class of ages past brought in line with today. They are designed to infuse confidence and win admiration without raising eyebrows.

About The Shabby Apple Brand

It looks like Shabby Apple is focusing on women’s wear and has stopped creating the Shabby Apple Baby Collection. I’ll keep you updated if this adorable girls brand is relaunched. In the meantime, discover more wonderful girls dress brands from the USA including on Dashin Fashion Magazine.