Shampoodle Fall Winter 2013

Shampoodle Fun & Modern Kids Clothes / Interview

The Shampoodle Fall Winter 2013 Liberty collection celebrates the young heroes of our next generation, filled with speed, space, and freedom. Picture kids listening to rock n’ roll on a happy day. Loose sweatshirts, superhero tights, windbreaker overalls and matching pants.

shampoodle fall winter 2013 girls yellow grey clothes
shampoodle fall winter 2013 boys red black clothes

This seasons has the feeling of the cool crowd when off stage, a bit trashy and relaxed. The better the more worn it looks. A great feature for kids clothes anyway! Helene Stevenberg, Designer and Creative Director of Shampoodle.

A bit jealous Mom and Dad? Don’t worry, Shampoodle didn’t forget the grown-up crowd. You’ll also find a mirrored collection for adults that’s childishly comfortable as always!

shampoodle fall winter 2013 boys clothes
shampoodle fall winter 2013 girls pink shirt

Age, size or gender is a minor concern for Shampoodle whose only design restriction is to stay true their tagline – ‘childishly comfortable clothes’. You’ll find most of Shampoodle’s unisex clothes from 0 to 14 years with some of the models from XS to XL as well.

shampoodle fall winter 2013 baby clothes
shampoodle fall winter 2013 girls leather outfit

Sporty bohemian is probably the easiest way to describe our style. Often basic but never boring. Often inspired and sampling our own interest in popular culture; movies, music, culture, tribal and things we like in general. Pet Shop boys title “We were never being boring” sums up a collection pretty well. Party or play, a Shampoodle outfit should work for both, taking child clothes to version 3.0. Enjoy, Shampoodle.

shampoodle fall winter 2013 girls black yellow clothes
shampoodle fall winter 2013 boys yellow black clothes