Siaomimi kids clothes are created by Hilda Yim who graduated Parson School of Design in 1992. Hilda then worked as a designer with Anna Sui and DKNY in New York before she decided to move back to Hong Kong and launched her Shopaholic womenswear label.

In 2006, Hilda gave birth to her daughter, Charisse who has a nickname “Siaomimi”. Becoming inspired by her whole motherhood experience, Hilda could not wait to get started designing childrenswear.

Inspired by vintage clothes and fabric prints, the Siaomini kids clothes collection shows the quality of children’s innocence and simplicity. You’ll also find a strong strong individual character. Inspired by her own personal childhood memories and experiences, all of her prints are hand block printed exclusively hand blocked printed for the collection.

She also loves creating nice subtle details in her designs, like applying for handmade or crafty work. Quality is also very important to the collection, only the finest cotton or cotton wool is being used.

siaomimi childrens clothes hong kong

The playful and fashionable brand Siaomimi with its exclusive hand-block prints includes many pieces featuring hand-made or crafty details. Siaomimi is a completely versatile line for kids that also is comfy to wear. A big advantage to the brand is that pieces in the collection mix and match, making it easy to create new, unique outfits for your little one.

The collection is being sold in over 100 stores all over the world including U.S.A., France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Korea and Hong Kong.

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